Farming is hard work. You are on the job 24/7 and need to get paid accordingly.

Consumers are willing to pay premium money for premium products, especially when there can relate to ‘their’ farmers, the care they put into their Land and the responsibility they take to preserve the Land for future generations. However, the profits often get lost down the value-added chain, especially when supermarkets are involved.

Ideally, we sell straight to the consumer. There are many ways to do that, farm shops, farmers markets, online and best of all, CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. Here customers commit to buy a certain amount of produce for a set time – usually for a year. They pay upfront and provide farmers with financial certainty and reliable cash flow. In return, they not only receive their guaranteed share of crops but also know that they have supported ‘their’ farming family.

CSA is especially successful when you are transparent in your farming practices. Establishing a CSA system does not have to be daunting.

You will be surprised how many customers will happily support your farming efforts.


It will take some work to set up a CSA system, but profitability increases exponentially. At times it might be more profitable to reduce production but stay in control of the entire value-added chain.

It provides me with an immense sense of satisfaction reading customers’ posts on social media, and sharing pictures of produce, they have received from their CSA-Customers.