Radical Soil Care

Table of Content

143 pages


1. About This Book
2. My Background
3. Land Management is at the Root of the Problem
4. The Human Condition
5. The Principles of Soil Health


Food – nutrient content and security


Soil structure

Water cycles/water holding capacity

Carbon sequestration/photosynthesis

6. Why Are Our Soils So Depleted?
7. How Can We Fix This?
8. A Method for Applying the Principles of Soil Health

Our tools

And even more tools

An example of the method – pH testing

Beware of over-complication

And even more options

9. For the Love of Weeds

Why weeds are our friends

Methods of control – or making even more friends

More about chemical application

And even more options

10. How to Rebuild Soil Organic Matter

The why and the how of strip grazing

Regenerative gardening and horticulture

11. Let’s Make Some Compost

Incidental compost

Hot compost

Composting animals

Even more ways to compost

What else can we do with compost?

12. How Shelterbelts Support Soil Health
13. Inoculation
14. Benchmarking – Does What I Do Work?

Soil tests

Testing pH

Visual soil assessments

Soil temperature

Measuring soil compaction

Comparing sugar content in plants (Brix)

Using a microscope

Or just bury your old undies!

Recording and using the data: figure out what you need

15. The Farmplan – Another Tool for Bench-             marking
16. Minerals Every Day Keep the Doctor Away
17. The Planets – Do I Need to Care?

Choosing a planting calendar

18. How to Reduce Our Workload

Do we really need to make hay?

What else can we do to optimise workflow?

19. Other Methods and Modalities



20. Where to Start – Final Comments
The Radical Soil Club
Thank You