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Regenerative Land Management
Regenerative Land Management
Regenerative Land Management


There are many ways how I can support you to improve Soil Health – some are even free of charge – like the Book Chats or my Markets.

Book Chats

Book chats are small informal meetings where I share my passion about Soil Health and introduce my book ‘Radical Soil Care’. I will talk about some basics of Soil Health and answer questions.

Anyone can host a book chat, it could be at your place, in a park, community garden or any other place you would like to meet. If you are interested, send me a message and we can organise one.
Book chats are free of charge and snack donations are always welcome. If my travel time exceeds an hour I ask for a contribution to my fuel.

If you are interested to host a book chat, please contact me here to get the ball rolling.

Markets are another informal way to meet me and ask your soil questions. I do advertise the markets I attend, on Facebook and my newsletter. To subscribe to my newsletter, please send me an email here.


Butchering Workshops

Many of you know that I home-butcher my own goats and soon start to process my own chicken. This workshop is NOT hands-on. We talk about butchering goats/sheep, cattle and chicken. I will share my experiences and some pictures of dispatching, gutting, hanging, skinning, breaking up, storing as well as cooking. I am not a butcher, I just butcher a lot.

We will also address some emotional challenges some might have. It helps when we know what to expect.

The workshop goes over three hours, in person or online. The price is 85.00 in person and 65.00 online – a kilo of porterhouse was 49.90 the last time I checked.

Goats for Weed Control – a goat-keeping workshop for beginners

Goats become increasingly popular for weed control. With that popularity a lot of myths about goats starting to emerge. For example that they are hardy – they are not – always have worms, great for weed control, they don’t eat weeds, easy to keep, ringbark trees, escape all the time, etc.

We are having a look at the facts and clear up a lot f the myths in the process. The workshop goes over four hours. It costs 150.00 in person and 125.00 online, less than a visit by the vet.

Soil Workshop

In this comprehensive 2-day soil workshop you will learn the fundamentals of soil health, the basics of composting, weed control and how to assess if what you are doing works. In true form the focus of the workshop as well as of my book is empowerment: providing many tools for you to how to assess and improve your soil in your personal circumstance. We talk lots of science during day 1 and lots of practicalities and our friends the weeds on day 2. Bring your own soil or pictures and we can discuss them right there – oh, and there is homework… The price is 350.00 in person and 300.00 online, less than one (!) soil test.



Property Visits

During a property visit I address issues like water logging, compaction, weeds, livestock health and management, how to move away from chemical input etc. You will understand what is going on with your soil and together we work out a roadmap to improved Soil Health, with clear steps to take.

For a property visit I charge 165.00 plus GST per hour. I cap the visits at two hours (there is always the opportunity to ask some more questions over a cup of coffee:-) I charge another hour for reporting. If my travel time exceeds an hour I will charge a fee to cover my petrol.

Online consultations

Many soil questions can get asked and answered in shorter conversations.

You can book an online meeting with me as short as 15 minutes. My fee is calculated on the base of my hourly rate which is 165.00 plus GST, so 15 minutes cost 41.25 plus GST. You can book in a long-time if needed but don’t worry, I can talk VERY fast. To book an online meeting, just send me an email here.

I advertise my workshops and markets in my newsletter and on Facebook. Just send me an email to sign up for my newsletter here.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and the time zone is Melbourne (Australia Eastern Time AET).

If there is anything else you want to ask me or you are after a service I have not mentioned here, just contact me and let me know how I can be of help.

I am looking forward to your enquiries

You can use the questionnaire below to provide me with further details about your property.


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