Radical Soil Care – Paperback


An accessible, no-nonsense introduction to how soil is the basis of our own health and that of the planet. The book will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your property plus achievable, inexpensive steps you can take today to improve the soil on your farm, lifestyle block or garden.

Soil Health is not just important for agriculture – it’s for everyone who works with soil. from gardeners to farmers, to sports field managers, water authorities, mining operators, policy makers, just to name a few. The underlying principles explained in this book are universal to all properties great and small and all climates around the world. Soil works the same everywhere.

Everybody who eats should know what soil health – or the lack thereof – does to our food. Beyond nutrition, soil health is vital for our biological, chemical, emotional, and even spiritual health.

Soil’s key role in restoring a healthy environment is still largely underestimated. Saving the planet starts beneath our feet.

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What people are saying about Stefanie’s work:

3 words: knowledge, energy and empowerment … Stefanie distilled the information to what is relevant to us through her decades of hands-on experience … I’ve been able to apply what I learned into practice and see a change in the way I think and work. – Jinyan Jin, Victoria, Australia

Stef’s workshops are absolutely, mind-expandingly brilliant! She is a true expert in her field … You will find yourself brimming with excitement at the new information and methods you have learnt. Everything Stef teaches is achievable and easy to implement. – Anna Blamey, Queensland, Australia